The Path of Least Resistance

I parked my car at the church to make a few copies.  A few minutes later I came out of the church and was shocked to realize that my car had been stolen!  As I ran to the road to see which way the car thief had gone, I found my car sitting in the ravine across the road.   I had forgotten to engage my parking brake.

If you treat your life the way I treated my car you will find the same principle will apply.  Your life will follow the path of least resistance.  Unless you make a choice to follow Jesus, your life, by default, will follow the wide, easy and much used path that leads to ruin.

Jesus says in Matthew 7:13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Jesus is not looking for associates, or admirers.  He is looking for followers; for those who are prepared to live a life that is rigorously attentive to following His teachings and His example.  What will be the course of your life?  Will you follow the path of least resistance or will you follow the path Jesus has laid out for your life?

Botched Vacation

WhistlerA few years ago my father and I planned a snowboarding trip to Whistler in British Columbia.  Because it was peak season and the conditions were mint we decided to make accommodation reservations at the resort.  A relative decided to help us out by offering his standby privileges as an airline employee.  In his letter of instruction he told us to wear suits in order to secure first class seating if the coach was filled.  We drove to Toronto Pearson Airport, dressed in our suits and ready to hit the slopes!

When we arrived we were told that the first flight was full.  Our letter of instruction told us that this might happen, but we were confident that we would secure a place on one of the next two flights.  The next flight arrived… and left.  After eight hours of waiting in the airport dressed in our suits, we approached the desk regarding the final flight.  FULL!

Ironically the final line in our letter said:

“P.S. Don’t tell the other passengers about the amazing deal you received on the flight”.

I wanted so badly to tell them about my AMAZING DEAL, but they were already on a plane flying to British Colombia!  And they were about to get an amazing deal at Whistler on a reservation cancellation from which we lost $ 260.00.

I vowed on that day to never fly standby again.  You might have flown standby with some success, and you may even enjoy waiting around in airports in order to save a buck.  But I don’t leave my vacations to chance.  When I arrive at the airport, I want to see my name in that computer, and I want to know that I will be on that flight.

There is another place where I want to be sure my name is written.  It is a book that the Bible calls “The Lamb’s Book of Life”.  This book contains the names of all those who have been saved from their lives of sin, through their trust in  Jesus Christ (God’s sacrificial lamb).  DO NOT leave this to chance!  Put your trust in the Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross to pay the penalty of your sins.  And remember that salvation is free, it will cost you nothing, but following Jesus will cost you everything.

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